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Congratulations to Maria Plumtree & Nick Brunner on Successfully Defending a Contractor Against the CSLB!

Successful Defense of a Contractor Against the CSLB Plumtree & Associates LLP is proud to announce that attorneys Maria Plumtree & Nick Brunner successfully defended a licensed contractor corporation against the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) in an administrative hearing (Accusation) wherein the CSLB, represented by the Attorney General, sought: A complete revocation of […]

Attention C-46 Licensed Contractors: CSLB Just Voted On July 28, 2021

Attention contractors: the CSLB just voted on July 28, 2021, to restrict the scope of work that C-46 licensed contractors can perform. These restrictions take place October 26, 2021—or 90 days after the CSLB vote. In short, C-46 licensed contractors will no longer be able to install solar and energy storage systems. These new restrictions […]

Courts Agree! Disgorgement Has A 1 Year Statute of Limitations!

Disgorgement is when an unlicensed contractor is forced to pay all compensation the unlicensed contractor received from the property owner, back to the property owner. However, the time limit to file a claim for disgorgement was never clearly established until the Court’s decision in Eisenberg Village of the Los Angeles Jewish Home for the Aging […]

The Substantial Compliance Lifeline for YOUR CSLB License

Many contractors know that they have a few legal lifelines for safety as they walk the narrow path along the ledge between survival and failure. Yet, the strength of these legal lifelines has rarely been tested for reliability in recent years until now. In the recent court of appeal case, C.W. Johnson & Sons, Inc. […]

Contracts 101 for General Contractors & Sub-Contractors – July 9, 2020

Contracts 101 for General Contractors& Sub-Contractors Protect your business against legal problems with well written contracts. It’s important to understand basic contract law and this webinar will help you learn which clauses to look out for so you can protect your company’s bottom line. Get to know a little more about the confusing language of […]

Regulators Bar Encino Contractor from Offering PACE Loans

A state regulator has barred contractor Eco Technology from offering PACE loans that fund water and energy efficient home improvements like low-flush toilets and solar panels. Attorneys representing Eco Technology said the company denies all the allegations, including that it forged documents or impersonated homeowners. Nick Brunner of law firm Plumtree and Associates called the […]


Covid-19 is impacting the construction industry in many ways. It is a moving target and unpredictable to say the least, and this may very well be the calm before the storm. The ripple effect of this lockdown could be significant and problematic for contractors in the upcoming months or even years. Especially when it comes […]

Subcontractor Wins In Important Payment Related Court Ruling!

In a recent victory for California subcontractors, the Appellate Court in Crosno v. Travelers clarified the limitations of “pay-when-paid” clauses in public works projects involving payment bonds. Crosno involved a “pay-when-paid” provision in a contract between a general contractor and subcontractor. The clause stated that the general contractor would pay the subcontractor within a reasonable time of receiving […]

Licenses and Certifications offered by the CSLB

The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) currently offers 73 different contractor license classifications. Each license covers a specific area of construction expertise. It is extremely important for a contractor to know what can and cannot be done with its license.  The CSLB can take taking disciplinary action against a contractor working outside its license. The […]

Mechanics Lien Workshop – April 16, 2020

Mechanics Lien Workshop February 14, 2020 Presented by Plumtree & Associates in partnership with SLOCBE, San Luis Obispo Builders Exchange Come learn about Preliminary Notices Mechanic’s Lien Forms Perfecting the Mechanic’s Lien Conditional and Unconditional Lien Releases & much much more. Who Should Attend? General Contractors Subcontractors Suppliers Owners Project Managers Risk Managers When Thursday, […]

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